How to Stop Gambling on Online Slots

Using a gambling blocker is a great way to help you quit online slots. These tools can be applied to all of your devices, and allow you to restrict access to certain websites or types of content. Using this tool can be an effective short-term solution, and help you establish new habits that will prevent you from returning to the habit of gambling. However, blocking is not a long-term solution, and it’s important to take the next step to entrench your commitment to change.

Gambling is addictive because it triggers the release of dopamine in your brain. This is a natural chemical that causes us to feel good when we win or achieve something. Unfortunately, it’s also the same chemical that triggers addiction to other things like social media or video games. The biggest challenge for heavy gamblers is learning to recognize the triggers and avoid them. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to stop online gambling and develop healthy replacement behaviors.

To start, you should try to identify the places and times that are most triggering for you. For example, if you’re most likely to gamble when you’re on your commute or during a specific part of the day, make a plan to avoid these places and activities. This can be as simple as taking a different route to work, leaving credit cards and unnecessary cash at home, or changing the channels when you’re watching sports. It’s also important to challenge negative thinking patterns that increase compulsive gambling, including the illusion of control, irrational beliefs, and the gambler’s fallacy.

If you’re serious about quitting, consider hiring a therapist to help you overcome your gambling problem. There are a variety of professional counseling services available, both in-person and online. You can get matched with a counselor who specializes in gambling addiction, and who will be able to guide you through the process of breaking your gambling habit.

Another way to break your gambling habit is to set limits before you start playing. For instance, if you want to play a particular slot game, look at the number of credits on the machine and the cashout amount. If they’re both at zero, that’s a sign that someone has just cashed out and that it might be your turn to do so.

Another way to set limits is to use an online gambling blocker, such as Freedom, which can be installed on your computer and mobile device. Once you’ve applied your settings, the software will block all gambling-related websites and limit how much time you spend on them. You can even set recurring block sessions, which are repeated at the interval of your choosing. Freedom can be used on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices and works across multiple browsers. Try it for free today.