Who are we at SEEK?

We are a professional, diligent, and experienced team committed to helping eliminate fraud and corruption from the crypto space.  The SEEK team was born out of our own experience with fraud and is dedicated to rid investors of that very thing.

Mission Statement

Security, education, community, transparency and stability.  We want to restore crypto space to its former glory, making it again what it was meant to be.  A decentralized digital currency that is free from the restraints of fiat currencies.  We began this process on the ground floor by seeking out and performing a detailed and unbiased risk assessment of projects and teams that occupy this space.  Our assessment process is a combination of digital review and in-depth personal human element investigation which has proven valuable and indispensable.  While we know scanners, code, contract, and hard copy reviews are extremely important, oftentimes it’s the unpredictable human element we find in need of the most focus and investigation.  That detail sets SEEK Token apart and ahead of the rest of our industry.  Our unique process was built and designed for investors, by investors.  Our dedicated team brings a combined quarter-century of experience in the banking, lending, and financial sector which is vital to our mission.

SEEK Safe Drop (SSD)

Over the past 12 months of spending a vast amount of time trying to head off corruption and fight fraud we have learned many things. What works, what doesn’t. What’s effective and that which isn’t.

We have discovered that it’s not only important to point out and educate investors on how to recognize those high risk projects and teams but also to bring attention to those teams and projects that stand out as successful and proven.

That’s said, we are happy to announce the newest and most innovative utility in all of crypto space. SEEK Token announces a new utility. The Seek Safe Drop (SSD)

We will have the same 8-12% tax structure. We will have a marketing and ops wallet and a SSD/Utility wallet. A portion of the marketing wallet will be directed to that wallet as well. 40% of all KYC proceeds are added and 10% of our adjusted tax. So that wallet (SSD) will be a large collector of funds.

The 1st and 15th we will take those funds and purchase a trusted partners tokens and airdrop those to the top 300 SEEK holders.

Since everyone will or should want to be in the top 300 holders list, this will raise our floor as people will add SEEK to receive the air drop. Partner groups will add SEEK to receive their native token and our top holders and long term holders will do nicely as well. We will also do giveaways thru the month so people can win their way into the top 300 if funds are tight.

We will rinse and repeat this process in hopes that partner investors will continue to hold after the drop because they know it’s repeating and another drop is on the way soon.

Every 3rd drop we will buy and drop S3EK as well to reward our holder base.

So many additional features and utilities. Not to mention the upcoming $500,000.00 NFT rewards program. Thanks to everyone who’s supporting and supported us. It’s now time to explode our mission and move SEEK to the next level. Join us in the fight, Won’t you ?


Networking and partnerships are essential in this vastly changing volatile market.  We have developed collaborative relationships with other projects and intend to grow our ecosystem to eliminate fraud and corruption in cryptocurrency.  This will in turn enable us to expand the reach of our educational program. Joint collaborative projects are appearing on the horizon and have unlimited potential.

Our Future

As the result of SEEK Tokens perseverance, dedication, and investor support, it is our hope the future contains remarkable change, stability, and allows cryptocurrency to be exactly what it was intended to be.  A decentralized digital currency using blockchain technology and free from the restraints of all fiat currencies. We hope you will join us today, so that we may share in a prosperous tomorrow.